Artist and filmmaker / Mexico

To the eye, Laborde’s work carries aesthetic claims of pleasure, yet it’s purpose is deeply conceptual. Based in Mexico City, and currently a resident for the triennial program Conditional Cinema at Oberhausen Film Festival (2018-2020); the artist’s work evolves around a search to locate and isolate the concepts that are constructed around tangible elements. By stripping elements, Laborde regenerates the image and positions it in newly formed, virtual spaces.

Working at the interface of two fields –contemporary art and experimental filmmaking– has set the focus of my work onto the shifting notions of existence that matter itself has. What is X in the representative system of art, and what does it become, once it starts forming part of the logic of film? This tension engages me into a game which’s code gets written by the objects I lift into it. In this way, my work is a stimulus for a restless re-thinking of the effects of perception and time upon form. Some recurrent themes are ergonomics, site acknowledgement and transformation. All this flows into a process-based form of creation which mostly, takes on non-figurative representations.

I also started a children’s art program, -ito/-ita, working around the subject of abstraction. In this project, which also gives scholarships, I invite contemporary artists to share their practice. They donate conceptual discoveries and material leftovers to promote a notion of creativity as public domain. Their appropriation gives them back a sight of change.